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Here Is Who I am & What I Believe

I believe that the nature of human beings is fundamentally good. I believe in the oneness of life. I believe that each life matters. I believe that the root cause of all human suffering is in our inability to recognize our true nature.

I believe that our inability to recognize the co-arising nature of our consciousness, leads us to solve our problems in a way that separates us from ourselves and we enter into a funnel of misery where there are no solutions. 

I believe that fundamental freedom is found in allowing for and assuming the totality of our experience, which stops us identifying ourselves with the content of our lives and we open the way for inspired consciousness.

I believe that each person is the truth, and that it is possible to know the truth when you are the truth.

I believe that it is possible to live an inspired life, which is our destiny if we dare to choose it.

I do whatever it takes to share myself authentically and come up with new insights and creative solutions….to help people release themselves from the shackles of the human condition.

I am obsessed with delivering insanely useful and original solutions to my customers.

My mission is to take the best and latest of what’s been tested and proven in manifesting enduring peace and happiness . . . and create solutions that just do it for my customers.

Dr Louis Koster




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