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Meet Louis

Award-winning Humanitarian, Doctor and Author of A New Language For Life, Happy No Matter What!

Serving for over ten years as a medical doctor for Doctors Without Borders and other non-profit organizations in trouble spots across the globe, Louis became a lifelong student of what sets the human spirit free from its self-imposed limitations. He realized that his work so far had been about dealing with situations of life and death where it was obvious. He soon realized that he had something to say that was also a matter of life and death, but was not so obvious. He realized that finding that authentic core in yourself and accessing it through your own language is urgent, is a matter of life and death—if we are to stay true to ourselves, and we cease acting against ourselves and the interests of the natural world.

In his book A New Language For Life, Happy No Matter What!, Louis shows you how to transform your life from a place of higher awareness, to trust yourself and life, and experience an overall sense of peace and well-being—no matter what. This new awareness will enable you to reclaim the power of language and manifest your most heartfelt desires. It will help you eliminate depression, social unease, stress, unhappiness, and even ordinary bad moods. This clear, engaging book will provide a clear pathway and direction to those who are stuck, unsure, at cross-roads in their lives, or believe that there is more to life than what they are now experiencing.

This innovative thinker and facilitators’ extraordinary career includes:

  • Co-founder of The International Trust for Children’s Healthcare in Russia on personal invitation by Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union.
  • Founder of Strategic Humanitarian Developments, an innovative organization that brought together stakeholders of diverse communities in Los Angeles, Eastern Europe to create partnerships and foster community building and address the most pertinent issues in these communities.
  • Creation of A Simple Guide to Happiness 1.0 info product, a comprehensive teaching program that reveals the secrets of happiness and higher awareness.

Louis Koster has led transformational seminars and coaching sessions for organizations and companies since 1998, first in Los Angeles and now in Australia, the place where he lives with his soul-mate and wife Francesca and his beautiful daughter Carmen. He currently works as a medical doctor in the emergency department of a rural hospital in Australia.

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