¿Tus pensamientos te han saboteado? ¿Te gustaría empezar una nueva vida?

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JW Najarian • On Purpose Magazine
On Purpose Magazine brings valuable, interesting, intriguing, irreverent, inspiring, enlightening, educational, entertaining and powerful audio, video content of cause and purpose to the web! Louis Koster, MD leads an amazing life as a  Doctor without Borders and talks about how to be happy no matter what your circumstances.
Radio Red with Bonnie D. Graham
Be Happy. Age Well. READ MY LIPS with Bonnie D. Graham
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Bonnie: Open 7:00 PM
Dr. Koster: 7:03 PM
Lori Campbell: 7:30 PM
All: Close 7:55 PM – Roundtable “What’s next for you?”
End: 8:00 PM

“The reason people are unhappy is because they have forgotten how to trust themselves…The power already lies within you.” — Dr. Louis Koster

  • Language is not just referring to speaking another tongue but referring to all the influences that have shaped who we think we are
  • Changing the view you have of yourself changes your language
  • Committing to being happy no matter what will help you find your unique core which lets you be true to yourself and conquer life’s challenges

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“I’ve been a doctor with out borders for over ten years. However, I decided to go on a journey to find The Choice’ within myself…” — Dr. Louis Koster

Life manifests as the language we dwell inside of, and the language we dwell inside of, is reflected in the quality of our lives. The sense of entrapment and separateness that we at times experience in our lives is due to our obliviousness to the true nature of the language we spend most of our lives dwelling inside of and to our obliviousness to the true nature of language itself.

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