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Obtén una copia del Libro Una Nueva Vida: Ser Consciente de Tu Verdadero Ser

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Obtén una copia del Libro Una Nueva Vida: Ser Consciente de Tu Verdadero Ser

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“Dr Louis Koster’s book A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! brought home a new clarity and reality what commitment is really all about. I realized more than ever that we are subject only to what we hold in mind. The Pearls of Wisdom after several readings convinced me of making a whole-hearted commitment to The Choice.

This book allows you to discern something of real and lasting value and makes it easier to live in the world. A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! offers a simple and elegant way to reveal that there is so much more to being human than what we think”. — Dr Ewald Einoder, psychiatrist

“The book is very inspiring. I am dyslexic. I don’t read a lot of books, but this book I could not put down. The repetition in the book was great for me. Reading the book got me through some very difficult times. I feel more confident. I am broadening my horizons. This book is really common-sense stuff. The book makes me feel good about myself.” — Tracy Saunders, mother of two children 

“I find myself constantly redirecting to be present: not regretting the past, but accepting and learning from it. Not fearing or being anxious about the future, as I have no control over it. How A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! allowed me to trust that things will work out okay—I don’t always have to do anything, but I can just let go and let be.” — Kerry Thaxter, audio-typist 

“The language we use sometimes keeps us trapped in life. Sometimes I lose my effectiveness in life, and I become my circumstances. There is no freedom to be when I become my circumstances. I become the consequences of my life. There is no way that anything can happen inside of that reality. When things are out of sorts and unbalanced in my life, that is when I return to the book, and reading the book gives me a new opening for life; an opening, where I shift my language for life and anything is possible.

A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! is a tool, and you have to keep training yourself. As soon as I become present to all the tools in the book, life unfolds. The more I can keep the ideas in the book present with some kind of an existence structure, like a diary, a journal, the more it will exist in my life. It is my commitment to read the book often enough that it becomes part of what I am doing every day.

A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! is a conversation that lends itself to world peace; barriers would no longer be barriers; there would be no political boundaries; no social boundaries; no religious boundaries; there would just be people having a conversation for life.” —  Eddie Lieberman, 4 Star Golden Circle Isagenix Representative 

I really like what you wrote in the book that language sometimes is like ‘Prison of Being’ for us. I realize that the language we use sometimes keeps us trapped in life. Like when we say ‘life is hard,’ we are walking around in our own little prison. This really gave me the awareness that I really need to watch my words.

I would like to keep the conversation How A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! alive by contributing it to my community.

I would like to organize small groups of people who are reading the book, and get together sharing what they are experiencing. I can see that the book will make an enormous difference for the people in my business and it will inspire them in what is possible in life and help them fulfill on their dreams. When people share, they can contribute to each other their ideas. This may support them in not being their circumstances.” —   Madeleine Lieberman, 4 Star Golden Circle Isagenix Representative 

“I am an indigenous person from Australia. How A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! allowed me to find my footsteps in the dirt. We are living our life of our ancestors, and I realized that I was making the wrong choices. This book opened my eyes to make the right choices. I gave up the alcohol, which in my family is a big thing. I don’t drink anymore, and it gave me a new inspiration in life to do other things and to look at life differently.

“I asked myself the question: Why am I here? The book allowed me to connect to my ancestors, and awaken to the dream of oneness. This book is a white man’s dreaming of an old wisdom. This book is an old wisdom in a new language.

The book has shown me that if I believe in something, that I can reach it. It has shown me that if you look at life the way this book talks to you, many things in your life will change for the good. It has changed our lives dramatically. It has put me and my wife in opportunities we never had in our life. Since the book, we have moved to another town, and it has opened up all these doors for us. I started to express myself in art, and I am getting taught art by one of my uncles, who is a renowned indigenous artist in Australia. This book has changed our lives.”  —  Damian Saunders, indigenous person from Australia

“Letting go of resentment resonated the most with me, as I strongly believe that people do carry around a lot of resentment from their past interaction with family and others. This resentment is like an anchor and weighs people down—until they deal with it and let it go, they are unable to be completely happy with their life.

The book is a reminder of how to live your life, as it has ideas that I may have tossed around in my mind but not concentrated on, as life is busy. The book formulates these thoughts and gave a tangible way of exploring these ideas.

It helps accepting life and looking to improve your own self so that you can be happy, because once your self is happy, you have already started to improve life that interacts with you.

I find by reviewing different chapters each week, it helps me deal with different frustration that comes up in life, so that I don’t get angry. I just look for different ways to handle the frustration so that it goes past me. By regularly reminding myself from the book, it is a useful aid to my life and goals that I have set myself.” David Beattie, accountant